Smart Home

EBSYS is being involved in developing multimedia, control and communication technologies to support customer’s products for offering great potential for significant improvements in the living standards of individuals. Our technology benefits include enhanced safety and security features, centralized control of home, remote access, and convenience.

Our desire to follow the needs of our customers in this area has led to the development of our business knowledge in the following solutions


IP Multimedia Door Entry System:

EBSYS reference design and embedded software libraries allow the building of a versatile security product for controlling access to residential homes, blocks of flats and commercial premises.

The IP video communication is allowing, with easy installation and high quality, the resident to view a caller at the entrance, speak with them and have control of their access.

Provided technologies help designing products that are suitable for all requirements from a single station up to complex multi-dwelling apartment blocks.

Integrated Smart Home Gateway:

In order to offer to the user, in a single box, IP Broadband connectivity and home monitoring/controlling functionalities EBSYS is working on the new generation of smart home box that incorporate the following sub-systems:

Smart Home Gateway Services

The Smart Home Gateway solution offer the following benefits to consumers

It offers the following benefits for the Service Provider:

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