Smart Management & Surveillance

EBSYS have been developing and marketing Video Codecs and Embedded Vision Libraries that combined with control and communication features allowed working on Application scenarios and solution recipes that help creating exciting and innovative solutions that specifically meet the needs of our customers.

EBSYS embedded vision libraries includes: Automatic License Plate Recognition, Face Detection and Tracking, Eyes Detection & Tracking, Face Recognition, Somnolence Detection, Human Detection and Tracking, Car Detection and Tracking. The integration, according to the application requirement, of suitable embedded vision libraries with Video & Audio Communication library and completed with necessary control and communication protocols allows the implementation of following business applications:

Parking Lot Management:

Based on its high accuracy optimized embedded library for automatic License Plates Recognition (LPR) and integrating IP protocols, EBSYS offer an efficient parking site management solution that provide customers comfort and security. The innovative LPR-based solution offers the advantage of being contactless and automatic which enhances its popularity, as it provides extreme level of comfort to the vehicle drivers.

Target intelligent parking management solution automates and smartens the parking management functions by providing access control, revenue management, parking enforcement and permit management, security and surveillance, automated valet parking, and parking guidance and slot management.

These automated and smart functions enables parking site operators to offer their customers various parking conveniences such as minimal time wastage, cashless and contactless payment options, enhanced vehicle security, and options for pre-booking parking spots.

According to industry data, usage of smart parking management can prevent up to 30% of traffic congestion, and save up to 5% of the parking revenue loss due to employee pilferages and vehicle drivers’ malpractices. Significant revenues increase is expected from parking fee and revenue management, parking reservation management, valet parking management, parking enforcement and permit management, and parking guidance and slot management.

The increase in number of vehicles worldwide is creating business potential for the parking management industry. EBSYS is offering its expertise related to parking management to support increasing demand for product portfolio that will required by parking equipment’s manufacturers.

Building Control and Security:

EBSYS offers its embedded vision and video communication expertise and optimized digital technologies to answer the challenge of increasing demand for automation systems for security, access control, asset protection, fire alarm, life safety, audio/sound communications, and environmental systems control.

These critical applications are needed with high performance and reliability for small to midsize facilities including high-rise office buildings, banks, hospitals and healthcare facilities, retail stores,…

EBSYS’s comprehensive building control and security technology line-up allows customers building smart solution offering the following services:

Traffic Monitoring and Surveillance:

Together with our partners, we support our customers in integrating our embedded vision based traffic monitoring functions to build smart solutions to handle traffic management challenges including congestion, stopped vehicles, serious accidents and extreme weather. Real time video combined with embedded vision techniques offer to the traffic monitoring solution the following functionalities:

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