EBSYS’s rich R&D activities since 2001, combined with its positioning on the entire innovation chain from research to industrial development, and reinforced by strong links with research laboratories and technology partners, allowed the company to accumulate strong business and technology expertise to build application solutions for the following emerging domains:

Smart Grid: A smart grid delivers electricity from suppliers to consumers using advanced techniques to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability and transparency. EBSYS provides a range of PLC/RF communication technologies, industrial control and monitoring solutions for the implementation of following Smart Grid application solutions that allow for network transformation to empower customers and enable smart & sustainable energy:

Smart Home: In the expanding market of Smart Homes and Home Automation, EBSYShas been developing skills and competences for a while to support customer’s solutions for following applications:

Smart Management & Surveillance: Public areas have to meet several basic requirements for systems such as security, fire-life-safety, ventilation, lighting, health and comfort. Security comes from the need to protect property, content and personnel. The functions implemented by security systems include access control, surveillance, detection, alarms, communication and information management.EBSYS is supporting the development of following customer’s application solutions:

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