Digital Predistorter for RF Transmitters

EBSYS DPD (Digital Predistorter) technology is designed to compensate non-linear and linear distortions in digital transmitter and repeater systems for modern wireless communications and broadcasting services that have created a demand for highly linear high power amplifiers. This DPD allows significant increase of the transmitter system efficiency, i.e. allows the transmitter to produce more output power and operate at a higher level of efficiency for a given level of distortion even using modulation schemes of a higher order significantly increasing the system throughput.

EBSYS DPD product is provided as a reconfigurable FPGA-based IP (Intellectual Property) easy for integration in any topology of broadcasting transmitters and supports wide range of amplifiers built on different technologies and working in different frequency ranges. The DPD IP is based on a memory polynomial predistorter technique to be robust against several types of nonlinear systems with memory. It uses indirect learning architecture for direct construction of the predistorter based on the input and output baseband data of the power amplifier.

DPD IP key benefits

DPD IP highlights

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