Power Line Communication

EBSYS is developing and designing since 2001 reliable and cost-effective Narrowband PLC (Power Line Communication) modems and networks. Within the framework of a strategic technology partnership with Analog Devices Inc. EBSYS released different generations of Reference designs for PLC Modems “PowercomXx familties” compliant with IEC and CENELEC standards.

Powercom PLC technology is designed for control and telemetry applications including both 'utility side' applications, which involves equipment belonging to the utility company (i.e. between the supply transformer substation up to the domestic meter), and 'consumer-side' applications which involves equipment in the consumer's premises.

Powercom helps to implement various industry standards and proprietary communication protocols with ease and thus lowers development costs, simplify designs, and reduces time to market for multiple applications including: Smart metering, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Street lighting control, Building control, Home automation, Smart energy home area networking, Command and control networking


PowerCom2x Key features:

  • Bi-directional half-duplex data communication over the 220/110V networks
  • Support CENELEC A-, B-, C- and D-bands operation as per CENELEC EN50065-1
  • Physical layer
    • Support FSK profile as per IEC61334-5-2
    • Support SFSK profile as per IEC61334-5-1
    • Multiple data rate from 2400 bps up to 9600 bps
    • Programmable carrier frequencies
    • Forward Error Correction mechanism for robust communication
  • Data link layer
    • Media Access Control sublayer full compliance with IEC61334-5-2 and IEC61334-5-1
    • Logical Link Control sublayer design to support connection-less as per IEC61334-4-32
  • Network layer  
    • Configuration Initiation Application Service Element (CIASE) as per IEC61334-4-511
    • Management information base (MIB) as per IEC61334-4-512
    • System Management Application Process (SMAP)
  • Application layer
    • Data exchange for meter reading, tariff and load control as per IEC62056-21
    • AT command for host communication and modem configuration
    • SDK based for easy integration
    • Available resources for customers application
  • Additional Sensing features
    • Received signal parameters: peak-to-peak, average value and SNR
    • Power line channel impedance sensing
  • Digital communication interface
    • 2 UART, 1 SPI, 8 GPIO and 1 timer
  • Analogue interface
    • 12bit/2Msps ADC for 2.5Vpp input signal with buffer  
  • Configurable modem operation
    • Tunable receiver sensitivity
    • Tunable communication reliability   
  • Size and temperature range
    • 60mm x 42mm complete reference design board size
    • Less than 100 component for the complete reference design
    • Fully specified for −40°C to +85°C operation


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