Embedded Vision Libraries

Embedded vision is emerging as a vital application in today’s world and changing the consumer interaction experience. Based on a strong experience of more than a decade in video and computer vision algorithmic and customers’ product development, EBSYS is committed to furthering the advancement of this technology.

EBSYS continuously develop and maintain high accuracy and optimized embedded vision software libraries targeting market-leading applications.

Furthermore, the powerful combination of EBSYS embedded vision libraries and Analog Devices Pipelined Vision Blackfin® Processor (ADSP-BF609) enables to offer highly integrated and low cost/power product solution with possibilities to support future functionalities and algorithms via software, allowing customers to efficiently meet their cost constraints.

Besides on the shelf libraries, EBSYS offer its product development expertise to support customers and help them realize success in the embedded vision market for applications such as Biometry and Security ID, Robotics and Mobile Vision, Home Control and Security, Parking Access Control, Traffic Monitoring, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Industrial Machine Vision,…

License Plate Recognition (LPR) Library:


Somnolence Detection Library


Face Detection & Tracking Library


Eyes Detection & Tracking Library




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