EBSYS brings 13 years’ experience and over 250 Man-Year applying advanced digital technologies for Embedded Vision/Video Processing, Communication/Networking & Energy Management to be the partner of choice for the world’s leading Semi-Conductor Companies, Equipment's Manufacturers, Solution Integrators and Service Providers by helping them create, build and maintain the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective Smart Products and solutions.

We serve our customers with innovative technologies as "Software libraries", "Hardware IPs" and “Reference Designs” covering following products ranges:

Embedded Vision Libraries:

High performance embedded vision algorithms offering high accuracy and closely optimized software libraries. The powerful combination of EBSYS Embedded Vision libraries with the efficient Video/Vision Subsystem of Analog Devices ADSP-BF609 Blackfin processor enables to offer highly integrated and low cost/power products for:

EBSYS offer to its customer’s uC/OS-III or µClinux-based SDK software with a PC-based GUI with possibilities to support future functionalities and algorithms via software, allowing customers to efficiently meet their cost constraints.


Power Line Communication (PLC)

Powercom Modem offers robust and flexible FSK/S-FSK modem, designed for powerline narrowband communication. It is capable of full handling of the protocol layers including PHY, MAC, LLC, CIASE, MIB and application layers and complies with the CENELEC and IEC standards.

EBSYS PLC technology is designed for control and telemetry applications including both 'utility side' applications such as: Smart metering, Street lighting control and 'consumer-side' applications such as Building control, Home automation, Smart energy home area networking, Command and control networking.

Digital Predistorter (DPD) for RF Transmitter

EBSYS DPD (Digital Predistorter) technology is designed as a reconfigurable FPGA-based IP to compensate non-linear and linear distortions in digital transmitter and repeater systems for modern wireless communications and broadcasting services that have created a demand for highly linear high power amplifiers. Our DPD allows significant increase of the transmitter system efficiency, i.e. allows the transmitter to produce more output power and operate at a higher level of efficiency for a given level of distortion even using modulation schemes of a higher order significantly increasing the system throughput.

Battery Management System (BMS)

EBSYS offers a High accuracy algorithm for SoC/SoH estimation of each cell of the battery pack including leakage compensation and cell balancing features. We help our customers in designing and building dedicated BMS hardware and software for battery pack parameters measurement, data analysis, alarms generation and communication with host devices. 



Software Revision Release
Description Availability
MPEG4 video streaming over TCP/IP on the FinBoard 1.0.2 April 7th, 2014 This implementation based on the optimized MPEG4 encoder from Analog Devices running on the Avnet FinBoard. Video is captured, encoded and sent to a host computer via TCP/IP using LWIP running on the ADSP-BF609 Blackfin processor The MPEG-4 Encoder has been highly optimized to run on the Analog Devices ADSP-BF609 Blackfin processor. It is a self-contained software module that is fully compliant with ISO/IEC14496-23. The code has been implemented using Instruction and Data cache. To optimize video encoding performance, internal SRAMs for Program and Data memory and Memory DMA are also utilized effectively. Request Evaluation Code

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Somnolence Detection on ADSP-BF609 Blackfin 1.0.0 January 17th, 2014 EBSYS SMD (Somnolence Detection Library) is an optimized embedded software library for use with the Analog Devices ADSP-BF609/8 Blackfin® Processors. It offers real time high accuracy decision rate, of the person early somnolence status detection, in day and night conditions on board cars or in working places. It supports the communication protocol to send alarm trigger to audio alarms or other security control peripherals. EBSYS SMD software leverages the capabilities of ADSP-BF609/8 Processors to enable fully automatic and stand-lone high accuracy decision of the sleepiness detection. Furthermore, the powerful combination of EBSYS SMD library and Analog Devices ADSP-BF609/8 Blackfin Processors and its integrated Pipelined Vision Processor (PVP) offer a high performance low cost/power solution with possibilities to support future functionalities and algorithms via software, allowing customers to efficiently meet their cost constraints. Request Evaluation Code

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License Plate Recognition on ADSP-BF609 Blackfin 1.0.5 October 30th, 2013 EBSYS License Plate Recognition Library optimized for the Analog Devices ADSP-BF609 Blackfin processor EBSYS, an innovative technology provider for embedded vision and video communication, has integrated and optimized the LPR library for use with the FinBoard Blackfin BF609 Embedded Vision Starter Kit. It is intended primarily for Vehicle Access Control/Entrance Admission, Public/Private Car Park Management/Automation, Traffic Monitoring or Management. Input video from the image sensor is primary processed by the Pipelined Vision Processor (PVP) that performs an optimized Edge Detection based algorithm for LP detection. Optimized implementation running on the dual Blackfin cores is designed for the connected components and zoning techniques respectively for LP character segmentation and recognition. With less than 10% of MIPS use the LPR library is processing D1 images with 10 to 20 fps and providing more than 95% of recognition rate in day and night field conditions with up to 4 meters distance and for vertical and horizontal maximum deviations of 20°. This LPR library is also provided within a uCOS III based SDK and completed with a PC-based GUI for Access Control Application. Request Evaluation Code

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